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How To Care For Your New Piercing

As with tattoos, aftercare is important when you get a piercing. Your piercer will give you special instructions, but there are some things everyone should pay attention to.

  • Clean your new piercing 3 to 5 times a day with warm water and any liquid antibacterial soap, such as Dial or Softsoap. Use your CLEAN hands or a cotton swab and gently clean around both holes, removing any dried blood or other crust. Rinse completely.

  • Do NOT use straight soap or alcohol, which can be very irritating and can even cause your piercing to grow out.

  • Unless you’re in the process of cleaning it, do not spin or rotate the jewelry. Touch the piercing only when you’re cleaning it, since your hands would otherwise be dirty.

  • Keep makeup, hair spray, body glitter, and other similar materials away from your piercings. This is good advice even if your piercing is healed.

  • If your piercing is irritated, a mixture of sea salt and warm water can help soothe and promote healing, and is also a great cleaning aide.

  • Avoid pools, hot tubs, and tanning.  

Special Aftercare Instructions For Tongue Piercings

A tongue piercing is a serious procedure and requires essential aftercare. However, you need to be aware; your new piercing will bleed a bit, and when it mixes with your saliva, it will look a lot worse than it is.

  • Always rinse with Listerine after you eat, drink, smoke, or put anything in your mouth. If Listerine is hard on you, water it down just a little.

  • When you eat, begin with soft foods and chew slowly. Be careful not to bite down on your jewelry and chip your teeth. Eat what is comfortable for you and remember that everyone heals differently.

  • Avoid drinking with straws.

  • Swelling usually lasts about 5 to 10 days, so be patient.

  • Do not play with the jewelry. Playing can create scar tissue and make your piercing very uncomfortable.

  • Wait 3 to 4 weeks before you change your jewelry. The initial barbell used in the piercing is going to feel too long, but that is to make room for the expected swelling.

  • Avoid heavy kissing and oral sex for about 3 weeks, if possible.



Ear Lobe or Cartilage
$30 (One)
$50 (Two)

$30 (Hoop)
$40 (Barbell)

$40 (One)
$70 (Two)

$55 (Double)
$80 (Triple)




Nipples – Hoops or Barbells

Nape or Surface




Lip/Labret/Monroe (Hoop, Stud, or Barbell)



Dermals (Implants)

$90(18 and Over only. Currently Females Only.)

 All Prices are Subject to Change

 *Final Price is Determined By Jewelry Chosen and Degree of Difficulty of the Piercing.



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